Lead Full Stack Engineer

Business Contract

Lead Full Stack Engineer

You will be working on a backend application built in Ruby on Rails and a frontend built in React.



・Work in our main app back end built with Ruby on Rails
・Act as architect of new features
・Review other people code
・Fix bugs
・Help in decisions of technology and business
・Support internal team
・Refactor code
・Allocate work
・Create/review technical proposals
・Manage technical debt
・Hire engineers


・At least 5 years of industry experience
・At least 3 years of experience in working on Ruby on Rails projects
・Experience leading small development teams
・Comfortable in dealing with server infrastructure and deployment processes
・Experience with continuous delivery and automated testing.
・Experience with refactoring Ruby on Rails applications
・Experience in designing, developing and maintaining APIs
・Experience managing a small team
・Experience hiring engineers
・Can work for at least a couple of hours during Japanese business hours


These aren’t required, but be sure to mention them in your application if you have them.
・Experience working on performance optimization
・Good understanding on coding best practices and design patterns
・Understanding of security technologies (encryption, authentication, OAuth 2.0)
・Contribution to open source projects
・Interest and ability to learn other coding languages as needed
・Existing role as team lead

Fully Remote
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