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Momoe Kato

Momoe Kato

Product Owner / UI Designer

Momoe Kato


After graduating from the graphic design department of an art university, I joined a production company, where I was involved in the design and production of cosmetics packaging, logos and character goods. However, due to the impact of covid-19, the company's management became difficult and the department I worked in was abolished so I left design work.
Wanting to continue working in a creative capacity for many years to come, I decided to leave my job and have worked as a freelance designer before joining foriio.


To be honest, before joining foriio, I didn't know anyone close to me who worked in a start-up company, so I had no idea what a start-up was or what the atmosphere was like.
-However, I strongly sympathised with the challenges and ideals of the creative industry that foriio is working on, and decided to join the company because I wanted to continue to challenge the "Empowering Individual Creators" as a member of foriio.


Anyway, I think it's being able to try different jobs and being allowed to try them at different times.
For example, being a designer does not mean you only have to do design, but you are often required to make optimal movements while always keeping an eye on the overall picture of the service, users, sales, etc. This is a very difficult task, but conversely, we are given the chance to express our opinions from a fundamental point of view, such as "Wouldn't it be a better service for the users if we did something more here?" I feel that foriio has an environment that encourages us to think together and take on challenges in response to such comments.


As a lead product director/ UI designer, I am involved in the product development of foriio Creator Match, a matching service between creators and companies provided by foriio. To provide better value to users through this service, I discuss new features and modifications to current features daily, consider optimal specifications and design, and work with engineers and other members of the team to advance development.


My goal for the future is to make foriio Creator Match, which I am mainly involved in as a product director and UI designer, a service that can be used by more users and provide valuable creative experiences for both creators and companies.
The other is to create a product all by myself from the very first idea. I want to make this dream come true while learning every day through my work at foriio.


As a start-up company, I feel that the level and speed of work required are considerably higher than in other companies. However, if you are good at and like to think flexibly and work proactively on your initiative, I think this is a very rewarding and enjoyable company. I would be happy to work with people who share the vision of foriio and who are not satisfied with the status quo but are always willing to take on new challenges!