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Sho Takeda

Sho Takeda

Lead Director / Art Director

Sho Takeda


Joined a Tokyo-based advertising production company as a designer and Mac operator.
Worked for five years as a Mac operator for TV commercial production, including planning and comping of TV commercials, and creating documents while on secondment to an agency or production company, producing graphic design for in-house free newspapers, flyers and leaflets from clients.
Feeling insecure about my career as a designer due to my work as an operator, I turned freelance in 2019 while learning self-taught graphic design.
I mainly worked on designs for the entertainment sector, including animation and manga.
I then joined foriio in December 2020, which is involved in services for creatives, in order to develop my ability to combine business and design, as well as my directing skills.
At foriio, I am the lead director and art director of the Alliance Team, responsible for building relationships with companies and directing and managing the progress of client projects and design production.


I had no experience in web production during my previous job and freelance days, and felt that I did not have enough experience in a company where design work was the main focus. When I thought about my career in five or ten years, I became worried and wanted to pursue a career that combined business and design, and I was invited by foriio's representative, Mr Yamada, to join the company. I joined foriio because I had been using its service as a creator, so I could design services for creators and gain experience as a director from the upstream process of client projects.


There have been several project-matching services in the past, but I think there are still very few services like this, where creators upload their work to the web, where it becomes a portfolio (collection of work), which then catches the eye of company representatives and leads to a job.
Of the many services available, foriio is able to match creators and projects according to the creators' achievements and the challenges and needs of the company, providing the best possible experience for both parties, which I think is very challenging and interesting.


The main responsibilities include internal and external design production and art direction work, direction and project management of client projects, budget and schedule management, creator assignment work, planning for the acquisition of project leads, formulation of measures and preparation of work manuals.
Client projects are mainly carried out in the following sequence: response to enquiries, interviews, meetings, requirement definition, proposal and assignment of creators, project direction and progress management, delivery, and performance interview.
In-house work mainly involves planning to win projects, creating and releasing landing pages, and UI/UX design for in-house products.


My goal for the future is to co-create with companies, devise plans for initiatives, obtain projects and creative direction, and create a place where creators can be active. To achieve this, I want to improve the product so that foriio will be used even more, and provide the best possible experiences for creators so that I can envision a world in which almost all creators in Japan and abroad are using foriio.


There are many challenges in the creative industry, but we are one of the few places where we can design services for creators and create a place where creators can be more active, so we are looking forward to working with members who are up to the challenge.